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LCD TFT Repair Technology

LCD repair technology

Clean room

is a separated part of the service plant where cleanliness is particularly strictly monitored and controlled. The clean-room facility is divided into several sections with specified environment parameters and strict control of the operators authorised to enter the premises. Effective air-conditioning equipment including filters of class 500-100 ensures meeting the specified requirements on dust-particle concentration in the air. The clean-room facility is indispensable for repair work on LCDs and other highly sensitive devices such as internal hard-disc components during data-salvaging service operations.

Tape Automated Bonding (TAB)


is a special operation used in attaching flexible flat connections of components such as COF (Chip on Film) or TCP (Tape Carried Package) onto the respective terminals on the glass panel of the LC display. Extreme precision is of essence here as the target terminals on the glass panel across which the individual pixels (or rather the associated TFTs) are controlled are very close to each other and their density can exceed 150/cm. For example, on a 17-inch display there are altogether 3,840 terminals. The TAB operation is sensitive to the workstation cleanliness as any dust particle adhering to the contact point may cause imperfect connection or even an open-circuit type of defect. The TAB equipment is rather costly and requires careful maintenance. There are few companies in Europe utilising this technology.

Polarized film (POL film) Detaching


is a process of removing from the LCD panel the damaged top polarised filter. This operation shall be carried out with utmost care so as to avoid damage to the internal panel structure. As the panel tends to accumulate static charge and attract dust particles, the process of polfilm detachment needs be carried out in clean environment, using anti-static equipment and devices and in strict observance of procedures required for work with ESDSs (Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Devices).

Polarized film (POL film) Attaching

is a process immediately following the previous (polfilm detaching) operation. Using a special equipment, a new polarised film is applied onto the LCD panel. This operation is highly sensitive to the environment cleanliness and work precision.